Design Concept

Dream Garage 3 metre system

The Dream Garage project has been brilliant fun, the culmination of 30 years experience designing and manufacturing technical furniture for industry, commerce and motorsports…the brief was to design a high quality garage system that combines great design, form and function with elegant good looks. It needed to offer the perfect combination of high quality and honest value.

Dream Garage workshop modules are based on a freestanding design that eliminates the need for anything to be fixed to the walls. The very substantial base units incorporate a unique vertical channel system from which the upper cabinets, tool boards, power rails and lighting units are all mounted. The work height is adjusted using our unique keyhole system.

Dream Garage Fabrication

Dream Garage Paintshop

Dream Garage Van

Workstations are manufactured in Wellingborough (Northamptonshire) and shipped as assembled  base units. Final accessories can be fitted by yourself or by our Dream Garage fitting team, this makes installation very simple.

*Important notice* Electrics will need to be connected by a qualified electrician and you’re ready for action!

Our designers looked at the overall cost of a typical competitor’s garage installation and concluded that a high proportion was spent on site surveys and expensive fitters screwing cabinets to the walls, this could be eliminated by clever design.